[Framework-Team] Now what do we do?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Tue Aug 29 12:56:04 UTC 2006


I'm happy to take a couple, at least. I suggest we have one person in charge
of each bundle, who does some initial review, posts back to the list to tell
people good points and bad points and explains where to look to understand
what's going on, and then we can discuss, argue, fight and vote.

Would you mind getting started on the list (I'm at work atm...)? I think
starting with plone.org/roadmap and then matching to bundles in /review
(note - the easycommenting bundle is in the collective, see the link on the

We can probably just do dibs :)


On 8/29/06, Wichert Akkerman <wichert at wiggy.net> wrote:
> Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> > I know Wichert is away for 5 days, and Vincenzo is on holiday (until the
> > middle/end of the week?). I'd be nice if we could come up with a
> process,
> > though.
> I'm here for another 5 or 6 hours still (minus some last minute
> shopping). What I wanted to do today is make a list of all the review
> bundles we currently have and mail that out to plone-announce and
> plone-developers with a statement to the effect that those are the
> bundles we will be reviewing and thanking their submitters.
> We have until September 25 to review all the bundles. Perhaps we should
> try to divide the work a bit so everyone reviews a few bundles and we'll
> discuss the findings? And make sure people won't be reviewing their own
> bundles :)
> Wichert.
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