[Framework-Team] Re: Re: Zope versions

alan runyan runyaga at runyaga.com
Mon Apr 17 03:57:18 UTC 2006

With regards to the installers.  I can tell you that Enfold Systems *does
not* have the bandwidth (right now) to deliver a 2.9 installer for Plone
2.5.  We are looking at converging our commercial and the community product
using .msi/wix but this will take us time.  The problem is with Python 2.4.x
and having to recompile all binary dependencies.  I would suggest (take it
with a grain of salt):

  - 2.5 ships with Zope 2.8.x installers (by default) and Python 2.3.x

  - People are allowed to create 2.5 w/ Zope 2.9.x installers (consider
these "experimental")

  - Plone 3.0 ships with Zope 2.10 and Python 2.4.x or 2.5.x (offical)

There is an installers list and I would start lobbying the installer
maintainers.  Before coming up with any proclamation.
Its also important to look towards the OSX crowd to see how easy it is.  Try
to get some consensus if the people maintaining these installers will have a
hard time porting to newer Python.

Alan Runyan

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