[Framework-Team] Re: Zope versions

Balazs Ree ree at ree.hu
Mon Apr 10 06:35:50 UTC 2006

As a non-member of the framework team I try to talk with a tiny
little voice here and hope not to do wrong by interfering. :-) 

On Sun, 09 Apr 2006 21:54:41 +0100, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> ... continuing the one-word-subject tradition;
> I had another think about viewlets and Plone. Please see post to
> z3-user, five and Plone lists (yes, I cross posted, so sue me). The
> short of it is, if we can get them in Zope 2.10 then I'd +1 dropping
> Zope 2.9 support for Plone 3.0.

Another reason worth mentioned is this. I am doing some work on
AJAX frameworks (AZAX/kukit and jsonserver, namely) and the issue that
comes up is always the same. We really will need viewlets (or kind of) for
effective AJAX. We need also other things readily implemented in Z3. It is
a lot of extra effort to duplicate those things with clever tricks in
Zope2, and it's a big price just for plain backwards compatibility.

In addition the necessary AJAX base technologies are not dependant on
Plone at all: it's the use cases that make it Ploneish. So the base
technologies should all go into the direction of being reusable in Z2 and
Z3 and be independent of Plone. This also gives us a better perspective if
we can just depend on one platform (i.e. unified Z2 + Z3) instead of two.

Since AJAX will play a role in the new UI, whichever AJAX technology we
decide to use this will become an important issue. We can just save
ourselves a great deal of time on long term, if we move forward.

Balazs Ree

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