[Framework-Team] Re: Zope versions

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Sun Apr 9 22:30:51 UTC 2006

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I had another think about viewlets and Plone. Please see post to
> z3-user, five and Plone lists (yes, I cross posted, so sue me). The
> short of it is, if we can get them in Zope 2.10 then I'd +1 dropping
> Zope 2.9 support for Plone 3.0.
> If the argument is stability, then the time-since-release and
> number-of-bug-reports are probably better indicators than the raw
> version number. Now - Zope 3 movies pretty fast. I think getView() and
> getMultiAdapter() are pretty good examples - we've had to introduce a
> bbb alias because getView() was the only way in 2.8 and the deprecated
> way in 2.9. I think we're going to have a lot more of those if we keep
> straddling two Zope versions.

Well, Zope 2.8 vs. 2.9 is a special case, as it is really Zope X3.0 vs.
3.2, which is a 0.2 step and at least one year of extra development.

> Obviously, this will be a case-by-case decision. The risk may be too
> great, the migration path may be too hard. But it seems to me we're
> supporting two versions just because that's what we've always done, and
> because of some general suspiciousness about .0 releases of Zope 2.
> Well, suck it up. :) Already, people are in pain because they installed
> the Windows installer of Plone and then wanted to use listen or Poi or
> some other product that required 2.8. We're creating migration problems
> as well as easing them.

Right now I'm actually +1 on changing the recommend platform for Plone
2.5 to Zope 2.9 and including this in the installers. My main argument
here is that we want to advertise using new development strategies based
on Zope3. But if we get people to start with Zope X3.0 lots of what they
do is not only deprecated but actually removed in current Zope3. So I
wouldn't want to advertise this. If I currently work on something
depending on Zope3, I look in the Zope 2.9 version first and after I
have it working there, I look if it works on Zope 2.8 as well. This kind
of practice is something we cannot seriously communicate. And after all
Plone 2.5 is a infrastructure release ;)

> What version will Zope be at when the 3.0 release date is hit?

Quoting from my unanswered earlier mail about release dates:

March 2006, 2.9.2
July 2006, 2.10
November 2006, 2.11
May 2007, 2.12

As we havn't discussed the release date of Plone 3.0 so far I assume the
preliminary mentioned on plone.org/roadmap is still valid which is late
September. So by this time we should be able to rely on Zope 2.10.

I wouldn't want to make the decision on whether or not we are dropping
support for Zope 2.9 for Plone 3.0 but decide it based on the features
we might get this way. If we have a PLIP that requires Zope 2.10, so be
it ;)

Right now my idea for Plone 3.0 is to recommend Zope 2.10 and support
Zope 2.9.


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