[Framework-Team] Zope versions

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Apr 9 20:54:41 UTC 2006

... continuing the one-word-subject tradition;

I had another think about viewlets and Plone. Please see post to z3-user,  
five and Plone lists (yes, I cross posted, so sue me). The short of it is,  
if we can get them in Zope 2.10 then I'd +1 dropping Zope 2.9 support for  
Plone 3.0.

If the argument is stability, then the time-since-release and  
number-of-bug-reports are probably better indicators than the raw version  
number. Now - Zope 3 movies pretty fast. I think getView() and  
getMultiAdapter() are pretty good examples - we've had to introduce a bbb  
alias because getView() was the only way in 2.8 and the deprecated way in  
2.9. I think we're going to have a lot more of those if we keep straddling  
two Zope versions.

Obviously, this will be a case-by-case decision. The risk may be too  
great, the migration path may be too hard. But it seems to me we're  
supporting two versions just because that's what we've always done, and  
because of some general suspiciousness about .0 releases of Zope 2. Well,  
suck it up. :) Already, people are in pain because they installed the  
Windows installer of Plone and then wanted to use listen or Poi or some  
other product that required 2.8. We're creating migration problems as well  
as easing them.

What version will Zope be at when the 3.0 release date is hit?



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