[Framework-Team] Initial plip reviews 104, 105, 106, 107

whit whit at longnow.org
Fri Sep 30 15:29:28 UTC 2005

ready to do some code/plip review?  Paul has requested we review these 
plips so Goldegg can pay certain contributing parties. 

so, how to do the needful here(I'm going to use 104 which I wrote as an 

1. does the plip itself need work?
    - I know my plip 104 is less than clarion and it's unlikely it could 
be used for documentation

2. does the work proposed belong in Plone now, in the future?
     does it do the needful for Plone? is it more appropriate as a 
qualified add-on?
    - 104 (marker interfaces) has actually been pushed down to Five
3. Do we have code and what condition is it in (code review)
    - 104 has code and tests
    - framework team should review code

4. What remains for inclusion in a plone release
    - documentation / doc tests

After covering these four points, I suggest we

1. compile a list of concerns (this could include input from the community)
   - work remaining
   - how could should evolve or be deprecated in future
   - architectural caveats / code review

2. vote by framework team for or against inclusion and further work
   - Alan breaks ties

3. provide a report based on the concerns to the community
    - on inclusion, this would be a rough plan for completing concerns
    - on rejection, this would be feedback based on concerns

Dissenting reports are encouraged on a heated split vote.

how does this sound?


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  you don't know anything at all"        
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