[Framework-Team] 3rd party products tagged?

Kapil Thangavelu k_vertigo at objectrealms.net
Sun Oct 9 20:26:30 UTC 2005

i put together a spreadsheet with all the dependent products, their
current branch status, and the proposed changes (pdf attached). i'm
going to email the release managers/maintainers of the products as well
( whoever did the last release).

due to the upcoming 2.1.1 release, this week, i rather defer changes
till after the release. unless folks think it should be done prior to that.


Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
> at this point, i'm going to wait till after the bug day, else it might
> cause additional hassles during the bug day, targeting the weekend for
> branching 3rd party products. i'll deal with updating the bundles.
> kapil
> Stefan H. Holek wrote:
>>Hi Kapil,
>>I hear you want(ed) to tag Plone 3rd party products for 2.1. Has this 
>>happened? Will it? I missed a few days of traffic here, apologies if 
>>this was mentioned before. Background: Going for 2.1.1 soon-ish. May 
>>need to update bundle etc.
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