[Framework-Team] Current PLIP status

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Sun Dec 11 09:14:28 UTC 2005

This looks pretty optimistic to me. There is going to be holidays and  
sprints, and there is going to be bugdays where nobody shows up.  
PLIPs tend to need some bake-in time too, so the merge date rarely is  
the "plip-finished" date. Many Plone dependencies (AT, ATCT) are  
prone to delays as well.

Plone development is very much momentum based, if you keep pounding  
people over the head with release dates they might just finish their  
stuff on time. Other than that, you will have to Release What You  
Have (tm) or wait some more...

My gut feeling though is that 2.5 will overrun this plan by about 3  
months (mind you, 2.1 overran my initial estimates by 6 months ;-).


On 10. Dez 2005, at 03:47, Alec Mitchell wrote:

> So that's it for the PLIPs, here's my proposed release schedule:
> Dec. 24:  Those PLIPs that are essentially on probation (#12, #105/ 
> #106,
> #112) need to have demonstrated their readiness by this date.  That  
> means
> documentation, active development, and some communication.  In  
> particular
> #12 needs an updated and comprehensive PLIP with risks and an  
> assessment of
> where it fits into the event driven future of CMF; #105/106 needs  
> someone to
> say which pieces are ready, write tests for those pieces and formally
> deprecate the old bits that they obsolete; #112 needs tests and some
> demonstration that some progress is being made on the TODO items  
> (primarily
> it needs to show that it is not a dead end, and that it will be  
> actively
> developed).
> Jan. 3:  Final day for merging of alpha1 features.  Those branches  
> which will
> be part of the first alpha will need to be merged by this date.   
> The days
> after this will be dedicated to making sure all the pieces play nicely
> together and wrangling up tarballs for all of Plone's dependencies.
> Jan. 6:  Public release of alpha1.
> Jan. 17: All branches which hope to be included in Plone 2.5 will  
> be merged
> by this date.  This is the date at which the feature list of Plone  
> 2.5 will
> be set.
> Jan. 20: Public release of alpha2, which will be feature complete  
> but likely
> riddled with bugs.
> Feb. 4: The last day of the Snow Sprint (and my birthday!), first beta
> publicly released.  There will have been two bug days by this point
> hopefully the obvious major issues will have been resolved.
> Feb. 18: Two bug days later, beta2.
> Mar. 6: Release Candidate, Monday before the Symposium seems like a  
> good day.
> Mar 20: 2.5 Final
> Feedback on this schedule would be appreciated, especially from  
> those with
> prior release management experience.  Once we've got some consensus  
> on a
> feasible schedule, I'll submit it to the PF board.
> Alec

Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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