[Framework-Team] Re: Current PLIP status

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 08:42:16 UTC 2005

On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 23:04:48 -0800, Rob Miller wrote:
>> question, what does (PLIP #102: PlonePAS) mean for CMFMember?
> CMFMember will not work w/ PlonePAS, at all.  chances are that it never
> will.  my current thought is to write a new product, based on Membrane,
> that will replace CMFMember, providing a (hopefully ContentSetup-based)
> migration path forward.  i'm hoping to start working on this at the snow
> sprint.
> I think it does (matter).  there are quite a few folks out there using
> CMFMember, and this is going to be a show-stopper for all of them.  i
> think scrapping it and building a new product is the way to go, and i
> don't expect it to be terribly hard, but i'm not going to be able to do
> it alone.  RockyBurt and SashaV have already said they want to help,
> it'd be great if we could get a few more hands.

Would it help to create a fundable.org project to facilitate time or
travel for the people with the skill to solve this problem?

I have an interest in seeing a CMFMember workalike built on top of
Membrane/Memblets ASAP, hopefully ready for testing near the time
Plone-2.5 moves to beta. I don't personally have any CMFMember
deployments, but I agree that migration will be an imperative for many.

I also favor cooperation between two intriguing PlonePAS type-membership
projects. Hopefully Helge and Jens et al. would be willing to converge to
a single product supporting both facets of PlonePAS integration, perhaps
PLIP-tracked for Plone-3.0.


I'd like to contribute a modest sum toward a collectively funded effort,
if others are interested in same.

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