[Evangelism] Plone vs "the others"

Greg O'Toole gto1 at psu.edu
Thu Oct 25 16:43:55 UTC 2012

Armin, All,
I would be happy to help out with this. I'm giving a talk on this exact
topic this winter in Tokyo and also need to freshen up the talking points.
The university where the talk is being given has decided on Plone, but is
new to Plone. (I'm on the plone.org list as well.)

Gregory O'Toole, M.A., Ph.D. (ABD)
Faculty, Instructor/Sr. Web Designer
College of Information Sciences & Technology
Adjunct Faculty, College of Arts & Architecture
The Pennsylvania State University

FW Message:

Lets create professional Whitepapers

How can we proceed to refine this topic into one whitepaper like
content for Plone.com called

"Plone vs. WP ? The Full Featured CMS Plone compared against
WordPress" a WhitePaper

(How does this title sound for native speakers?)

If someone is willing to step up to find the tenor of language we need
to put the finger into the wound without too much bashing? A
Whitepaper should cover arguments people need to internally promote
Plone in their organisation or to their customers after discovering
there is a safe alternate CMS!

If you think you can rewrite existing stuff like below for target
groups, please join the plone.com mailing list
  and drop me a line to join the trello board for task sharing!

The same has to be done with the excellent Sharepoint feature

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