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Érico Andrei erico at simplesconsultoria.com.br
Tue May 22 08:51:25 UTC 2012


    As the previous organizer of PythonBrasil (Brazil's Pycon) I have some
insights to share :-)

    First, Plone is not the newest shinny thing so people tend to overlook
it or even ignore it when selecting talks. Right now it seems we are living
in a Django-centric world (when it comes to web apps) and it is hard to
fight it.

    So, in order to have success in landing Plone talks in local PyCon's
I'd suggest you talk about what Plone can do without mentioning Plone in
talk's title (That's how I landed Plone talks on EuroPython, PyCon
Argentina and in previous editions of PythonBrasil). Success cases are
great but even better is to really show Plone in action -- a demo showing
Dexterity + FormGen + plone.app.workfloweditor is a sure way to get some
love from developers and their managers.

Érico Andrei
erico at simplesconsultoria.com.br
Simples Consultoria

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 4:47 AM, Shigeo Honda <shigeo.honda at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I'm Shigeo Honda, Plone Users Group Japan. Will you give us some advice?
> PyCon Japan 2012 will be held on September 15 -16 in Tokyo. PyCon
> Japan organizers asked  a couple of python related users group, such
> as Django, SciPy, Pyramid, Plone etc, to have some sessions in the
> event. And they request proposals.
> I worry about PyCon is 'die-hard' python developer event and not
> suitable  for Plone. So, I'd like to know how Plone community work
> with PyCon in other countries. What kind of session is good for PyCon
> attendees?  Please let me know your experience in PyCon.
> I appreciate any advice and comments.
> Thank you,
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