[Evangelism] Page based CMS

Maurizio Delmonte maurizio.delmonte at abstract.it
Wed Dec 19 08:41:10 UTC 2012

actually, this
[START] as a page based CMS,
[GROW] to *your* content types CMS
be [IMPRESS]ed by what you can get from Plone
is already the motor we have for plone.com as it is now..
make sense to you? :)


On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 12:46 AM, ctxlken <ken.wasetis at contextualcorp.com>wrote:

> When the 'Drupal guy' asked, it might have been more a matter of him
> getting a feel for whether Plone is a 'real CMS' that handles structured
> content types with custom metadata well, or is just more of a 'basic web
> publishing' tool, as Wordpress at least started out as, and some other
> tools continue to be (have a main 'Page' content type, folders, files,
> images, but not really much in the way of custom types that each have
> different properties beyond the typical Dublin Core fields (Title, Desc,
> Subject, Creation/Eff/Eff dates, etc.)
> That would have been my impression, anyhow.  And coming from that angle,
> IMHO, I don't think it's a real good marketing strategy for Plone to be
> touted as 'page-based'.  That would make it sound simple, yet less
> capable to me (e.g., Wordpress, et al.)
> -Ken
> On 12/12/12 4:54 PM, Dylan Jay [via Plone] wrote:
> > I only bring this up as its the second time I've heard this term in a
> > week. Last week a Drupal guy asked me if plone was a page based CMS.
> > This might be an marketing angle competitors use going forward.
> >
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