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Wed Dec 12 23:46:18 UTC 2012

When the 'Drupal guy' asked, it might have been more a matter of him 
getting a feel for whether Plone is a 'real CMS' that handles structured 
content types with custom metadata well, or is just more of a 'basic web 
publishing' tool, as Wordpress at least started out as, and some other 
tools continue to be (have a main 'Page' content type, folders, files, 
images, but not really much in the way of custom types that each have 
different properties beyond the typical Dublin Core fields (Title, Desc, 
Subject, Creation/Eff/Eff dates, etc.)

That would have been my impression, anyhow.  And coming from that angle, 
IMHO, I don't think it's a real good marketing strategy for Plone to be 
touted as 'page-based'.  That would make it sound simple, yet less 
capable to me (e.g., Wordpress, et al.)


On 12/12/12 4:54 PM, Dylan Jay [via Plone] wrote:
> I only bring this up as its the second time I've heard this term in a 
> week. Last week a Drupal guy asked me if plone was a page based CMS. 
> This might be an marketing angle competitors use going forward.
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