[Evangelism] Water and Stone Open Source CMS report

Ken Wasetis [Contextual Corp.] ken.wasetis at contextualcorp.com
Wed Nov 30 16:17:46 UTC 2011

Yes, the concept of ploud.com could offer this type of pain-free, 
hit-the-ground-running experience with Plone (especially if it included 
a demo that covered more of what you could do with Plone, now that you 
have a Plone site.  A 'Getting Started' tutorial of some sort.)

But the problem is most of the world hasn't even heard of Plone, much 
less Ploud.

90% or more of the larger hosting companies, even open source-focused 
hosting companies only provide a cPanel or Plesk install via 
single-click of Wordpress, Joomla, or some other PHP-based system that 
runs on the more typical LAMP stack they've been hosting for years: 
Apache with PHP and MySQL.

IMHO, if we really care to fight the single-click website-in-a-night 
crowd, we need to start heavily pitching the GoDaddy's of the world to 
offer Plone through their $10/mo Plesk/cPanel sign-up configuration process.

I think this is how most Wordpress sites get started up and not through 
novices downloading/installing/hosting on their own.  If we are able to 
get large hosting companies to give Plone a chance on their cPanel/Plesk 
setups, Plone could take advantage of much larger mind share, exposure, 
awareness, and hopefully adoption.

Just putting it there, though, isn't going to do the job.  We might see 
the 'fiddler' who wants to try out a bunch of systems give Plone a try, 
or those who specifically were seeking out a Ploud-like solution giving 
it a try, but I still think the main problem is we need to create the 
demand still, and that comes from marketing, from blogging, from reviews 
by analysts and everyday webmasters.  If people hear good things about 
it or see a great site that's using it, they get curious and want to try 
it out.  Just adding another checkbox along side Wordpress, Joomla, 
Xoops and the like when people sign-up for $10/mo hosting just still 
isn't enough.

I won't even take on the hurdle of convincing larger hosting companies 
that they can host Plone as resource/cost-effectively as PHP-based tools 
or that going through all the hoops of supporting the necessary 
Zope/lxml/PIL dependencies will be worthwhile for their business, when 
people aren't clamoring for it.

Hate to be Debbie Downer - just pointing out the obvious barriers.  That 
doesn't mean we can't overcome them, but it won't be easy.  I'd love to 
see widely available single-click shared hosting mass-appeal options for 
Plone hosting and it'd be really helpful in terms of lowering the bar 
for getting people started.

Just as the Marketing team started 2-3 years ago to make a concerted 
effort to have Plone represented at the more popular CMS industry 
conferences, perhaps it's time to focus on approaching some of the 
larger hosting companies to offer Plone to new shared hosting customers.



On 11/30/11 1:10 AM, T Kim Nguyen wrote:
> I thnk ploud.com is a very good answer to this point-and-click group's needs.
> One of the things Guy Heckman and I started creating at PSE11 was virtual appliances that had Plone ready to go.  We got bogged down with some problems in VirtualBox, but the idea was to get that and VMWare versions up where people could try them.  But ploud.com is even simpler.
>      Kim
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> On Nov 30, 2011, at 12:36 AM, Jan Ulrich Hasecke<juhasecke at googlemail.com>  wrote:
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>> Am 30.11.11 02:07, schrieb Ken Wasetis [Contextual Corp.]:
>>> Yet another 'popularity contest' report (on the heals of the
>>> PacktPub open source awards (
>>> http://www.packtpub.com/open-source-awards-home ), which is merely
>>> a vote for your favorite CMS, not any evaluation of which CMS tools
>>> do XYZ better than the others out there.
>>> Unfortunately, to some degree we do have to fight the popularity
>>> wars too, but I don't see Plone ever being a popular as the
>>> point-and-click-$5/mo-and-here-is-your-blog Wordpress generators
>>> out there.
>> If you use this as an excuse that Plone isn't easy to install,
>> maintain and use, you will fail. I think that we should also address
>> the point-and-click generation. Plone suits well for five-page
>> websites and for five million-page websites.
>> juh
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