[Evangelism] New presentation. Plone: the CMS that hits above it's weight

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Sat Jul 16 14:56:53 UTC 2011


I gave this presentation to the Australian Computer Sociaty last week  
that seemed to get a good response.

If you download the presentation you can see my notes which might be  
needed for it to make more sense.

It's meant as an introduction to Plone. Feel free to use it or expand  
on it.
I took a new way at explaining Plone. I told a story of how Plone is  
used by some of the largest organisations but many might not have  
heard of it. I used stats to show it's less popular with smaller sites  
and explained this with the lack of easy hosting options. I hightailed  
security and the increase in innovations and also Ploud. I thought it  
worked quiet well.

My 2c, I think Plone has the opportunity to position itself as the  
fast, flexible, "cleaner to develop", innovative alternative CMS. An  
underdog. I'm not sure how we could break from peoples perceptions of  
Plone from the past however. Maybe the marketing experts have some  

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