[Evangelism] Bad result for Plone at Europython

Jan Ulrich Hasecke juhasecke at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 29 07:12:29 UTC 2011

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On 29.04.11 08:50, Matt Hamilton wrote:
> This is very true. However I think what we were saying last night
> was that the word 'Plone' (or 'zope') has been around for a while
> now, and so is (I think) perceived by some to be not that exciting.
> If we want to attract more developers then I think we need to focus
> on a slightly different tactic. Maybe showing some of the new cool 
> technologies coming up, or focus on the community itself.... I mean 
> who *wouldn't* want to be sat here on a nice warm evening in
> Sorrento sipping whisky with such an amazing bunch of people ;)

I envy you – though we had some weeks of pre-summer right here in Germany.

Yes, the word "Plone" is well known, but so is Python.

Things like Diazo, Dexterity and Diaphragm come and go – so I am not
sure whether it is worth the effort to market them. But sure we should
emphasize the community – I think we have some good examples of special
interest communities inside the Plone community, which are very
interesting for us.

In Germany we have a lot of interaction with universities using Plone –
I think that the same happens in the US with WebLion and others. I am
sure that in many other countries many universities use Plone and seek
contact to the broader community.

We should focus on these special interest communities. There we find the
mere mortals doing their daily work with Plone.

Have a nice sip!

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