[Evangelism] Bad result for Plone at Europython

Jan Ulrich Hasecke juhasecke at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 29 06:29:53 UTC 2011

On 29.04.11 00:45, Matt Hamilton wrote:
>> Indeed, great mail Matt.
>> I've a similar feeling on other free software conventions and sometimes
>> i think that, as a floss project evolves and matures it has to move from
>> python/floss conventions to business one or those oriented to simply
>> mortals and not for geek.
> That is good timing... we were just discussing exactly that, here in
> Sorrento about 5 minutes ago. We even discussed examples of particularly
> 'exciting' Plone technologies, such as Diazo... which even then would
> probabaly not be exciting to europython-type conferences ('XSLT? what's
> new?... that has existed for a decade already'). However if you were to
> show the power of it to a business conference, or a general web
> developer/designer conference, then it would be exciting as it puts this
> technology within the reach of these mere mortals.

You are right. With the new German Plone brochure – did you get some in
Sorrento? – we cover exactly the target group "business" and "simply
mortals" interested in content management –

But! We constantly need to attract new developers as well. And not only
new developers but new young developers with cool ideas, full of
enthusiasm and the spirit to try out new things.

If we don't get them, maturity will be the last state before decay.


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