[Evangelism] WPD2010 giveaways and brochureware + presentation material for the event

Tim Knapp duffyd at kokorice.org
Wed Mar 10 22:37:40 UTC 2010


Just for those who don't subscribe to twitter or facebook, we've got the
following giveaways for WPD2010:
      * O'Reilly are providing: 3x free eBooks each for the first 24 WPD
        events created on plone.org/wpd (i.e. each event will get 3x
        eBooks to giveaway).
      * Apress are giving 10x 'books' as giveaways and Ambrin is sorting
        out the logistics of giving these aways. Ambrin more details on
      * PackPub are giving away 10x eBooks and again Ambrin is
        organising a Youtube video competition to give these away.

Ambrin is coordinating which books will be given away from Apress and

For O'Reilly we just need to point each winner at the following URL:
and if each of the 24 WPD event coordinators could send me an email and
I'll inform Marsee Henon (O'Reilly UG Coordinator) that you will be in
contact with her to notify her who won at your event.


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