[Evangelism] WPD T-shirts

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Wed Jan 20 23:35:02 UTC 2010


Last year, Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker and people from SFU made t-shirts to 
promote WPD at Pycon and we would like the experience: 

There's also a chance to do a bigger print in case there are people 
interested and if we can handle the logistics, send it to anyone 
interested on getting them.

Right now, we are planning to make a long sleeve t-shirt in a crimson 
color (brick red color) and we estimate about USD 20 each. Anyone 
interested, please answer this mail with an +1.

This mails doesn't imply any commitment, just asking for interests of 
getting a WPD T-SHIRT (wich everyone at pycon will talk about) assuming 
this conditions.

The idea is move according the answer we get.

Kind Regards


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