[Evangelism] Please join us to chat about the future of Plone.net!

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 18:26:19 UTC 2010

(Apologies for cross-posting!)

Thanks to lots of great work from the Plone.net and the wider Plone community,
we made some huge leaps forward with http://plone.net in the
past year.   We introduced and implemented the long-awaited
sponsorship program, and Plone.net is now generating significant
revenue for the Plone Foundation.  That's a big, big deal for the
Plone community.

The Plone Foundation board has asked me to kick off a conversation
about how we can continue to refine and improve Plone.net so that it
is an even more powerful and impressive showcase for Plone sites and

If you're interested in participating in or following along with that
conversation, please join us on the Plone.net list by subscribing at:


In a few days, I'm going to then kick off the conversation there by
offering some
big-picture questions for discussion.  I'm hoping we can
proceed roughly along the lines of: re-clarify the present + future
role of Plone.net, identify who's currently doing what, and who's
willing/able to do what in the future, and identify both strategic and
technical goals for improvement.

If you're interested in helping make Plone.net an even more powerful
hub for showcasing Plone sites and Plone providers, then please join


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