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kiazami madarasz.csaba at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 15:44:41 UTC 2010


I would like to add a new, hopefully interesting perspective to Plone
marketing, in the area of government and non-profits.

Since I have been engaged in the e-participation and e-democracy issues on
my professional field as a researcher and playing other roles on the side of
non-profits and businesses, I see, that Plone is really performing well -
and could use this performance on a community and marketing level to improve
the visibility and strenghten existing good development directions.

We hardly see the well documented combination of using opensource software
and excellent documentation, like it can be grabbed at the ecampaigning tool
product http://plone.org/products/ecampaigning-tool (which still needs some
improvement to work on plone3 and lacks the developer community's
recognition of it's importance for NGOs).

The existing integration to Salesforce, the basic level tool for getting in
touch with representatives with  http://plone.org/products/megaphone
Collective Megaphone  , or the basic level "eggified" Opinion suite
http://www.delib.co.uk/products_and_services/opinion-suite with a better
communication focus could make Plone well recognised in the arena.

Of course, as I see, we do lack some focused knowledge management to improve
the communication of social responsible benefits of using open source
software. I do think, that showing strong commitment on supporting
democratic instruments on the developer level is a right behaviour to
improve recognition with some marketing support.

Improved relationship with citizens-members shows the same challenge, how
collective amberjack http://plone.org/products/collective.amberjack is
helping the less advanced users to go step by step...

So, beside the existing presence, I what I have in my mind, is a possible
package in form of tied together software packeges eggified and tuned into
well researched needs of different sectors (like with basic level
ecampaigning and edemocracy with the mentioned products).

However, I know, that many parts of the world is really above these basic
requirements - on the other hand, most part of the worlds democracies,
including governments are still looking for solutions in this field.

Anyhow, I would be extremely happy to participate in writing some sort of a
democracy focused Plone white paper from the e-demorcacy, e-participation
perspective, or to shape somehow the collective efforts to better
communicate the existing good stuff around - and to open paths to combine
and develop them further!
Maybe in a form of an e-government/e-democracy/ngo sprint/camp?

Any thoughts are welcome - btw, I am new on this list, some of you have met
me in Budapest.
Currently working with Balazs at Greenfinity.

with kind regards,

Dylan Jay wrote:
> Hi,
> Came across this report today [1]. Not sure about the conclusion or  
> methodology used BUT what struck me is the report uses many different  
> metrics to determine popularity. The list of metrics could potentially  
> make for a good todo of areas where could do more to make plone popular.
> For instance:
> Weekly download rate: Report didn't have data on plone so perhaps we  
> could report the download count?
> Development services on elance etc: These figures weren't too good for  
> plone but I'd say that's mainly because Plone IMO seems to have more  
> professional services companies and less solo developers than other  
> platforms. I'm not sure what we could do to improve this but perhaps  
> more of us should sign up these services if only to show that there  
> really are a lot of plone companies out there?
> SEO: Interesting that plone doesn't even appear for the google search  
> "cms" (drupal and joomla and #2 and #3) Even something called "plume"  
> is in there? Perhaps we're using "content management system" instead  
> of CMS too much in plone.org content/frontpage? The most relevent hits  
> on plone.org search for CMS aren't pretty light on content. Anyone  
> else have any ideas?
> Mindshare: Search activity etc has been talked about enough. They also  
> looked at twitter activity but not for plone. Traditional media  
> mentions, Blog mentions, google/facebook/myspace groups etc... I guess  
> we're doing everything we can do about that.
> Demo popularity on opensourcecms.com being used as a metric is  
> annoying since it's PHP only. There has been talk of having a live  
> demo on plone.org. I'm sure someone has looked at this before but  
> opensourcecms allows offside demos so I can't see why they wouldn't  
> link to a demo.plone.org if it was available. They also use the  
> ratings on opensourcecms.com.
> Ultimately it's a report on popularity which doesn't mean "good" and  
> their conclusions on plone are pretty weak since they seem to be based  
> only on google activity results but interesting where we could spread  
> our evangelism efforts.
> [1]
> http://www.cmswire.com/cms/web-cms/survey-most-popular-open-source-cms-002944.php
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