[Evangelism] Re: Announcing WPD 2010 Date

Roberto Allende rover at menttes.com
Sat Sep 19 02:05:40 UTC 2009


>> We have several ideas but made no decision yet: a free website for a 
>> NGO, for the municipality or a special focus as 'Intranets with Plone'.

Great idea!... i started to consider it seriously for our local edition. 
wpd2010 moves forward, great, great.

>> Another idea was to show the audience the way we develop and improve 
>> Plone with sprints and to have some kind of national or international 
>> sprint during the WPD over IRC while the sprinters sit in a 
>> neighboring room to the room where we held the talks. So we could show 
>> the audience how we work, how new users can join the community, how 
>> they can report a bug or make a feature request, we can give them a 
>> real open source experience. We could even make live transmissions 
>> from different locations via Skype to show the audience that Plone is 
>> used all over the world.

If i'm not wrong, last year Dylan Jay suggested something like that and 
i argued against this idea. After reading your mail and thinking about 
it again, i believe, i made a mistake.

World Plone Day is about promoting plone and as Jon Stahl told me once 
'We're all figuring it out [how to do it] as we go.'(*) so, if you 
believe that could work out, you should *Just do it*.

Organizing a sprint requires extra work, for example contacting core 
developers or convincing the plone-tuneup-dream-team joining us, 
managing tasks, code and i believe all these tasks are out of my 
possibilities, i believe we could start moving forward defining a 
champion for it.

 >> What do you think about this?

Yes, what do you think ? :D

Kind Regards


(*) the sentence is out of the original scope, anyway, I personally 
proved it works on other scopes as well :D

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