[Evangelism] Give a place in the plone site to project build upon Plone

Encolpe Degoute encolpe.degoute at free.fr
Tue Oct 20 22:00:16 UTC 2009

Since years we hear: "And what can you do with your Plone site?"
Our first answer was to build the plone professional network on the
plone.net site. This site is himself a success story.

With times some projects were built upon Plone: PloneEdu, Plone4Artists,
educomponents, educommons, getpaid, communeplone and maybe a lot more.
All of them take a basic Plone installation and choose to specialize it
for a given target. All of them implements components that are not easy
to use separately of their project. Many of them are in an unknown
status. Some of them are targeting the same public. Some projects are
targeting only a country.

Having a page to recense them on plone.org can show how active is the
plone community when code repositories are always more dispatched.

All of them need a better, clearer and centralized communication face of
the official plone.org site. It would help them to reach their public,
to build group of interest around them with developers, translators and

For example for the edu target:
- the ploneEdu project seems to be dead for years but the
  ploneedu.org domain is always used... to redirect to others CMS.
- educommons is growing and maintained translations are welcomed
- educomponents seems to need fresh blood to give it a second youth

Does anyone of these projects are Plone 3.3 compatible?
Do they start to work to be compatible with Plone 4?

The Plone Foundation doesn't have to manage them or to take the
leadership in one of them. It can helps to promote them and to build
group of interest around them.

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