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>>>   Mark A Corum wrote:
>>>   If Plone had previously been weak on security, and had gotten  
>>> its act
>>>   together, this might make sense.  But in reality -- where Plone  
>>> is a
>>>   VERY secure system with a long-term record of protecting sites and
>>>   data -- this kind of circus stunt is not a good idea.
> A random idea (whilst I'm trying to write some why Plone is good for  
> enterprise copy)...
> How about we come up with some kind of slogan or something like that  
> 'Secure by Design' or similar. Something that we can then explain  
> relates to the use of a language with good security track record  
> (python) a battle tested platform (Zope) and the use of an OODB  
> rather than a SQL DB.
> You know the way many products have some kind of marketing made up  
> name for something ie. 'Now with TruColor', or 'Built in SpeedBoost  
> technology' etc... that is what I'm thinking.
> -Matt
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