[Evangelism] The State of Drupal

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Thu Nov 26 18:11:01 UTC 2009

> Dries opinion on why it's important: "Plus, large organizations that are
> about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a website project, don't
> want to make the wrong technology choice. Instead, those large businesses
> call Gartner, or any of the other analyst firms, to get advice on what
> technologies to adopt."

Yes, the large businesses look to the analyst firms to tell them what
is a "safe" choice. They don't want to go out on a limb and make a
choice that goes against the common practice. By going with the
recommendations of the analysts, they can always justify their
decision and point their boss to the Gartner report saying that IBM
(or whatever) was a recommended as a good choice for the type of
system they needed to implement.

> How they did it:
> "One of the things we've been doing since the inception of Acquia, is
> talking to analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, and the 451group about
> Drupal, and all of Drupal's successes. Almost all of that work is carried
> out by Acquia's marketing people, but I've been in several analyst calls
> myself."
> Ie, paid marketing people who are lobbying analysts and ringing them
> constantly to develop relationships. ideas anyone?

Yes, if the Plone Foundation had a paid marketing person, I think this
would be a very effective use of their time. Reaching out to the
analysts and showing them Plone's strengths. I know that Matt Hamilton
will be meeting with Janus Boye (who just organized the
http://jboye.com conference in Aarhus, Denmark) at an upcoming
conference in England.

Scott - you and I may want to jump on Matt's suggestion of having an
"analysts day" at Gilbane and invite all the analysts to a session
where we can get them up-to-speed on the state of Plone, and try to
get Plone included in their future CMS reports, or at least get them
blogging about it and getting Plone on the radar screen of larger


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