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Massimo Azzolini massimo.azzolini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 20:12:49 UTC 2009

I personally don't know the two conferences you're talking about, but for
sure this kind of t-shirt has been thought as a joke/funny thing to be used
in a very plone-centric environment.
So it can be used in a easy-env.

So, for sure, to the bigE-guys it would appear out of context.

btw, what do you think to, when you say "more enterprise"?
I had some IBMLotus or MS t-shirts and polo and they were very simple (one
color - white, yellow, black) with a little logo in the front-upper-left.
Looked better if it was done with coloured wires (don't know how to say in
english: probably the word is needlework) and not just printed.



On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 8:51 PM, Ken Wasetis [Contextual Corp.] <
ken.wasetis at contextualcorp.com> wrote:

> Nate,
> Personally, I think these t-shirts would work well as prizes, but seem a
> bit weak as a marketing message for Plone, when standing/sitting in a booth
> next to more professional/commercial vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and
> OpenText.  Instead of Plone coming off as a 'hacker-based volunteer
> project', I'm hoping it has more of a professional brand/feel to those we
> run into at Gilbane.
> At an NTEN conference, where I think things are going to be a bit less
> corporate and stuffy than Gilbane, but also where IT is a bit more
> open-source-oriented, I think it would be fine to wear the t-shirts at
> booths, but at Gilbane, I just think we need a bit more
> professional/corporate image at the booths, unless your going for the
> 'something different/hip/cool' angle, but I don't think that plays as well
> to the corporate IT folks.
> I think the attendees of Gilbane are more in the 'Enterprise with a big E'
> market, and if Plone seems like just a 'cool' tool/project, that isn't going
> to help it gain adopters and market share away from those considering
> RedDot, Vignette, Sharepoint, etc.
> Just my two (if redundant) cents.
> That said, I'd love to have some to give away in drawings/give-aways to
> people who drop off their business cards or who stay awhile to have serious
> conversations, etc.

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