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One suggestion that might help (if it's not already being done)... for those that are most intimate with the docs and with where we're coming up short, I think it'd be great to log this as a defect/bug in the Plone issue tracker.  Then, on 'bug Fridays', we can attack these bugs along with the code issues. Ken 

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 > Documentation is still an issue and I think the board needs to consider > hiring someone to manage that area (like we do our release manager).  The > documenation team is great and hard working but everyone has to work > full-time and can only dedicate xx amount of time (I keep trying to > contribute but time and life get in the way, which I know is true for > everyone). Paying a manager for the documentation section isn't going to solve the root of the problem: we don't have enough people contributing correct documentation that is broad enough to apply to most use cases of Plone. If you want to pay someone to do documentation, pay them to write it, not to manage the section. ( and no, that is not a viable solution either) The majority of our doc Editors are doing a better job than anyone could have expected. I'm not inclined to change how we're operating until we've completed our current work. Plus, paying someone doesn't change the fact that we are busy with work and have lives outside of work and Plone. Doesn't really solve any of the issues we have with documentation, in my not so humble opinion. _______________________________________________ Evangelism mailing list Evangelism at ...  http://lists.plone.org/mailman/listinfo/evangelism     View message @ http://n2.nabble.com/promoting-WPD-tp2461384p2852012.html  To start a new topic under Evangelism, email ml-node+293364-1526811418 at n2.nabble.com To unsubscribe from Evangelism, click here .   

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