[Evangelism] A Plone application to translate hundreds of thousands of user interface strings ('a la' launchpad or multiuser BabelFish)

Antonio Carrasco MDDsl carrasco at modeldd.org
Fri May 8 01:13:35 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

We at Model Driven Development sl (Valencia, Spain)
have developed with our institutional sponsor
GIS project

an application for agile collaborative translation of user interface strings,
able to manage all the strings from all Plone and 3rd party .PO and .POT
we've been able to gather, and still offer excelent performance
even in lesser systems like an eeeUbuntu.

I am sure that the  symposium would be a good place to gather priceless feedback,
and also an opportunity for the domain players to know about it,
and may be include the app in their future tacticals.

May I ask, as late as it is, some opportunity, slot, or permission to publicise this applicartion ?

I also welcome leads about possible sponsors for further perfecting the application,
as this is, we believe, a most relevant aspect of european FLOSS IT future consolidation.

In short: a non trivial Plone product that proves its excellence for high loads
(thanks in part to implement interactions of the  most critical use cases as AJAX)
that's bound to make a difference in the completeness of Plone and Plone products internationalization,
and seeking additional sponsorts, on top of the current goverment ones,
to further the  breadh and depth of the tool coverage of the problem and solution spaces.

Antonio Carrasco Valero
Model Driven Development, sl
608 792 429

See you at Sorrento!

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