[Evangelism] Re: Seeking talking points for Plone sales pitch

Paul Godley pgodley at gmail.com
Thu May 7 23:05:20 UTC 2009


Thanks for all the input for my Plone sales pitch. It was Wednesday
and went pretty well. Search was my opening salvo and a big win. Ease
of use, collaboration and integration with existing in-house systems
were among the other topics. I certainly ran out of time before I ran
out of features. :) As a VP said, "There's a lot in the box."

Attendees were asking question about how could they use it and how it
could address this or that need they had.

I think it will move forward. We all have tons of other stuff to do,
so a Plone intranet won't float to the top of our task list, but the
reviews were positive and inquisitive. None were dismissive.

I'm sure I'll be back pleading for help in the near future. Thanks again.


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