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On May 5, 2009, at 3:09 AM, "Traci Blount" <tblount at dpi.state.nc.us>  

> All,
> I just joined the list a few days ago and I've learned so much  
> already! I was wondering if there had been some similar work  
> comparing Plone to Oracle Portal in a similar manner? If so, could  
> someone point me to some resources?

I don't know of anything comparing Plone and Oracle Portal, but if you  
evaluate the two systems, we'd love to hear your feedback!


> Thanks!
> Traci Blount
> NC Department of Public Instruction
> tblount at dpi.state.nc.us
>>>> Nate Aune <natea at jazkarta.com> 05/04/09 8:32 PM >>>
> Idea to create whitepaper from Plone and Sharepoint stories. See
> http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/plone-vs-sharepoint
>> A great idea Nate!  Just to point out to those that mgiht not have  
>> seen it
>> yet, my blog post from Internet World:
>> http://www.netsight.co.uk/blog/2009/5/1/plone-at-internet-world-expo
> Yes, great post!
>> I had a couple of people come by the stand and look at the  
>> brochure, and
>> when I approched them they said 'oh we use microsfot technology...'  
>> or 'oh
>> we are going to use sharepoint'.  I think the key is to really show  
>> users
>> that Plone vs Sharepoint is like Apples vs Oranges.  They really are
>> different beasts.  I normally start by telling people that they can  
>> co-exist
>> together and really serve slightly different functions.   The  
>> people I
>> showed demos to of Plone at the expo really were blown away by the
>> flexibility of Plone and what can be achieve with it.
> Yes, it's not fair to compare the two systems because they are
> fundamentally targeting different use cases, but one cannot deny that
> Plone's feature set overlaps a lot with what Sharepoint provides, and
> vice versa.
>> I think they biggest thing to get over, is as Karl says in his Blog  
>> post,
>> that in corporate-land deploying Sharepoint comes under a central  
>> IT budget.
>> Even if the costs are higher (which is another topic... people  
>> think it is
>> 'free') the end department that wants it is rarely the one that  
>> pays for it.
> Good point. I came across this SaaS cost savings calculator which
> might be useful for getting a good overview of what traditional
> "on-premise" software from the likes of Microsoft, Lotus, etc. costs
> an organization depending on how many users they have.
> http://www.phase2.com/savings/
> Nate
> p.s. cc'ing the evangelism list since others might want to join in on
> this conversation.
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