[Evangelism] Plone Messaging (was: How would you position Plone?)

JoAnna Springsteen jluvsu2 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 23:52:03 UTC 2009

> So could a team be formed or delegated with the responsibility of
> reviewing Plone messaging?  Would such an institution be a slippery
> slope to too much dogma or other stifling restriction?  What might be
> some other ways to improve messaging in Plone communities?  Is this an
> issue we're already addressing sufficiently and we just need to give it
> time?  Is there a value to enshrining this process even if it's already
> happening?  Is this not an issue?  :)

I believe that this is already being addressed with the work
Gabrielle, Mark, et. al. have been doing. It's slowly becoming more
and more visible (15 Questions, organized representation at events
like NTEN & World Internet Expo, etc). While I'm not sure exactly who
all is involved on the team, from what I've heard, there is a plan
taking shape. I'm sure, like most of our teams, they probably need
more help.

Personally, I think one of the things that would help is a formal
PR/Marketing/Evangelism contact so that any journalists looking to
write about Plone or any press releases put out always have a
representative to go to. Establishing a relationship with the such
people can be very valuable when it comes to promoting events like
World Plone Day or the Conference. Telling people to contact a mailing
list just isn't enough (tho I think it should still be done so we have
a record of such messages/inquiries).
Establishing a leadership team for the doc team has helped us get
organized and we operate much like the framework team. Having a
recognized leadership for all of Plone's working groups might benefit
from a guiding team?

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