[Evangelism] Re: Seeking talking points for Plone sales pitch

Calvin Hendryx-Parker calvin at sixfeetup.com
Mon May 4 00:03:53 UTC 2009

Hi Paul,

You may want to use the 15 Questions about Plone brochures 
as inspiration.  There are a lot of good answers to common questions there.


On 5/3/09 3:14 PM, Paul Godley wrote:
> Greetings from a new list subscriber!
> I'll be doing a sales pitch at work proposing we use Plone for a
> company intranet. I'm seeking good talking points for a short
> presentation to decision makers. I originally asked on TriZPUG. They
> gave me some great advice and recommended I ask here too.
> I do Python and Zope programming, took Joel Burton's Plone Bootcamp
> last summer, have dipped my toe into Plone dev, and have an internal
> Plone server running with logins set up for some coworkers.
> I plan to use Plone's "view as slideshow" option to do a short
> presentation. My main point will be that the content is searchable.
> (As opposed to countless xls and doc files out on a file server.)
> Next, that Plone is easy for everyone to contribute to, thereby
> allowing the contribution and maintenance effort to be shared around
> the office. People in charge of the info can now be in charge of
> publishing it. Cool stuff.
> After that point, I'm not sure where I want to go. I'm thinking "can
> do a lot out of the box", "can display data from other databases we
> have", then "we can create custom content types if needed". It'll be a
> short presentation, so that will probably cover it.
> I'd love to benefit from the experience of others pitching Plone. Did
> some point really score for you? Did that thing you thought of as the
> killer feature fall flat with your audience? What worked and what
> didn't?
> Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.
> -P

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