[Evangelism] Seeking talking points for Plone sales pitch

Paul Godley pgodley at gmail.com
Sun May 3 19:14:00 UTC 2009

Greetings from a new list subscriber!

I'll be doing a sales pitch at work proposing we use Plone for a
company intranet. I'm seeking good talking points for a short
presentation to decision makers. I originally asked on TriZPUG. They
gave me some great advice and recommended I ask here too.

I do Python and Zope programming, took Joel Burton's Plone Bootcamp
last summer, have dipped my toe into Plone dev, and have an internal
Plone server running with logins set up for some coworkers.

I plan to use Plone's "view as slideshow" option to do a short
presentation. My main point will be that the content is searchable.
(As opposed to countless xls and doc files out on a file server.)
Next, that Plone is easy for everyone to contribute to, thereby
allowing the contribution and maintenance effort to be shared around
the office. People in charge of the info can now be in charge of
publishing it. Cool stuff.

After that point, I'm not sure where I want to go. I'm thinking "can
do a lot out of the box", "can display data from other databases we
have", then "we can create custom content types if needed". It'll be a
short presentation, so that will probably cover it.

I'd love to benefit from the experience of others pitching Plone. Did
some point really score for you? Did that thing you thought of as the
killer feature fall flat with your audience? What worked and what

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.


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