[Evangelism] attending PyCon? Order your World Plone Day t-shirt

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Sat Mar 21 23:07:30 UTC 2009

In an effort to promote World Plone Day 2009 (http://worldploneday.org) at
the upcoming PyCon (http://us.pycon.org) next week, we are ordering t-shirts
that PyCon attendees can wear at the conference.
If you are going to PyCon and would like to order a t-shirt, please indicate
your t-shirt size preference on this form

To see a model, go to:
These are Gildan t-shirts (100% cotton) that tend to run small.

The t-shirts will be distributed at the conference by Calvin and Clayton
from Six Feet Up.

Oh, and you must indicate your t-shirt preference ASAP so that we can place
the order in time for the t-shirts to be printed and delivered before PyCon!


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