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Hey Chris,

Thinking more about this though, who does WPD target? Are we trying to
target those who don't have any idea what a CMS is?


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 12:04 PM, Chris Calloway <cbc at unc.edu> wrote:

> On 3/11/2009 9:49 AM, Roberto Allende wrote:
>> Then... considering what the communication people say, do you think that
>> if we use Content Management Event or Day, instead of Plone could be better
>> in terms of communication ?.
> People who don't know what Plone is also don't know what content management
> is. And if you've heard of content management, you've probably heard of
> Plone. At least, that's my experience.
> So I don't know that an alternative name change leaving out the Plone brand
> helps those people who don't know what content management is, or those who
> do.
> WPD might need a secondary slogan to communicate what Plone is to those
> people who don't know what Plone *or* content management is, though.
> In simplest terms, what a CMS does is help people get their content on the
> web quickly.
> The word "content," however, is kind of jargon-y for most people. When I
> use the word "content" with people who don't know what Content Management
> is, their eyes just glaze over. And that's most people. Who need content
> management. And don't know it yet.
> Additionally, content is a means to and ends. Content is something you want
> to communicate to people. And that's what a CMS really does. It
> *communicates* content. On the web. And people understand what the words
> "communicate" and "web" mean without having to understand the context of
> what content management is.
> So I would just suggest the title, with a secondary slogan like:
> World Plone Day: Communicate on the Web
> or
> World Plone Day: Quick Web Communications
> (I like the first one because it manages expectations. I find it really
> important to manage expectations up front when doing a marketing event.)
> You could incorporate that into your logo as well. Just put "Communicate on
> the Web" below the logo in smaller type. Or encircle the logo with that
> secondary slogan. I'm not really good with that part. I'm sure somebody can
> figure that out.
> It tells people, hey, I'm going to an event that will help me communicate
> on the web. (Possibly quickly.) And that's really what people want Plone
> for.
> And it tells people what Plone is even better than an elevator speech.
> So, yes, I think explaining that Plone helps you communicate on the web is
> an good thing to communicate.
> On the web. :)
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