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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Mar 11 16:04:56 UTC 2009

On 3/11/2009 9:49 AM, Roberto Allende wrote:
> Then... considering what the communication people say, do you think that 
> if we use Content Management Event or Day, instead of Plone could be 
> better in terms of communication ?.

People who don't know what Plone is also don't know what content 
management is. And if you've heard of content management, you've 
probably heard of Plone. At least, that's my experience.

So I don't know that an alternative name change leaving out the Plone 
brand helps those people who don't know what content management is, or 
those who do.

WPD might need a secondary slogan to communicate what Plone is to those 
people who don't know what Plone *or* content management is, though.

In simplest terms, what a CMS does is help people get their content on 
the web quickly.

The word "content," however, is kind of jargon-y for most people. When I 
use the word "content" with people who don't know what Content 
Management is, their eyes just glaze over. And that's most people. Who 
need content management. And don't know it yet.

Additionally, content is a means to and ends. Content is something you 
want to communicate to people. And that's what a CMS really does. It 
*communicates* content. On the web. And people understand what the words 
"communicate" and "web" mean without having to understand the context of 
what content management is.

So I would just suggest the title, with a secondary slogan like:

World Plone Day: Communicate on the Web


World Plone Day: Quick Web Communications

(I like the first one because it manages expectations. I find it really 
important to manage expectations up front when doing a marketing event.)

You could incorporate that into your logo as well. Just put "Communicate 
on the Web" below the logo in smaller type. Or encircle the logo with 
that secondary slogan. I'm not really good with that part. I'm sure 
somebody can figure that out.

It tells people, hey, I'm going to an event that will help me 
communicate on the web. (Possibly quickly.) And that's really what 
people want Plone for.

And it tells people what Plone is even better than an elevator speech.

So, yes, I think explaining that Plone helps you communicate on the web 
is an good thing to communicate.

On the web. :)


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