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Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Tue Jul 14 02:16:55 UTC 2009

I agree with Ken, don't schedule it on the same day as Earth Day. We have  
a lot of non-profits that are quite busy that day. :)

Always useful to check Wikipedia for a suggested date:


Looking forward to WPD 2010!

— Alexander

On Mon, 13 Jul 2009 13:51:17 -0700, ctxlken  
<ken.wasetis at contextualcorp.com> wrote:

> Hi Roberto, I could help you with the English press release, if you'd  
> like, and have an idea of what you want to have stated. Also, if I'm not  
> mistaken, this past year the World Plone Day competed with Earth Day for  
> April 22nd.&nbsp; I'd recommend against doing that again next year,  
> unless others think that 'piggy-backing' on Earth Day might have given  
> us any advantage. Once again, nice job getting this idea launched and  
> building upon its success each year! Ken Wasetis
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> Date: Mon, July 13, 2009 3:35 pm
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>  Hello I'm writing in order to move forward two issues of WPD. Then  
> first one is the postmortem document, the second one is the 2010 edition  
> date. Postmortem document I need help from one or more volunteers to  
> write a news/press release of wpd2009. Based on the results and the last  
> year one, it could be a very easy task to do for anyone who has good  
> skills writing in english and it would be a huge contribution for the  
> event. If you're interested just contact me. WPD 2010 date We need to  
> define a date for WPD 2010 edition. Last year this discussion was long  
> and it is difficult to reach consensus when we talk about a worldwide  
> event, but probably we could start it getting answer from 2 questions: -  
> Shall we keep april as the month for WPD ? - Shall we keep doing it in a  
> weekday as Wednesday ? I suggest to start wpd2010 planning with these  
> points, once defined we can move forward improving it and get into other  
> important topics. Kind Regards r. -- http://robertoallende.com  
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