[Evangelism] Re: April 26, 2009 WPD ??

Chris Barnes chris at txbarnes.com
Mon Jan 5 18:39:31 UTC 2009

Jens W. Klein wrote:
> The idea is to focus. Is it so difficult to pick one day for all? You'll 
> never find the perfect date. for me it doesnt matter if its wednesday or 
> friday. If you'd ask me I'd choose saturday. But it doesnt matter. 

Imho, having it world-wide on a single day is a 'nice in thought but 
without a huge benefit'.  Having WPW (week) is a fine idea w/ me.

As for which day for "the specific one I would attend" (ie. the one 
closest to Houston), any WEEKDAY is fine with me.  My weekends are 
reserved for times when I do not allow my fingers to touch a keyboard 
nor my mind to think about anything to do with computers.  I sit in a 
cushy office too much as it is, so on the weekends I ride on my tractor 
and pretend to be a farmer/rancher.  :-)


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