[Evangelism] plone awards and plone.net

M. Harito Reisman harito at haritomedia.com
Thu Feb 19 15:41:48 UTC 2009

I think the award idea is fantastic, it can create a visibility and  
enthusiasm also for new comers and to keep it fresh.

I worked for about 17 years in an organisation where ALL the work was  
a contribution (including mine), not paid and the system worked well  
because we always build on new comers, gave them a lot of support to  
"come in", to contribute, participate, to be recognized, and then  
people drop off again, that was the natural way.

If any help is needed from a designer, I'd love to help.

Another issue that I have and don't know how to go about and think is  
very essential is: how can the plone.net site get a re-vamp? The  
concept is great and I think it works fantastic to support promoting  
Plone, but the look of the site seems so outdated. Is there anyone  
"kind of responsible" whom I could help with getting it re-done? Who  
would make such decisions in the plone community?


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