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Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Mon Feb 2 16:56:20 UTC 2009

Dear Plone consultants: 

Our friends at Idealware (http://www.idealware.org), who are perhaps the
single most credible source on technology tools in the US nonprofit
sector, are putting together what promises to be an excellent review of
popular open-source CMS platforms (Plone, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress). It
will be very widely read and very influential. I (Jon) have been one of
their "sources of information" about Plone. 

Idealware is a nonprofit, and as such, is trying a fundraising
experiment with this report. They are accepting advertising from
consulting firms specializing in one or more of these platforms. 

Idealware has received strong responses from consultants in the Drupal,
Joomla and Wordpress communities. However, with a few exceptions
(including the teams here at ONE/Northwest and Jazkarta), there's been
little response from the Plone community. 

While it is certainly possible to read this as an indicator of the
economic health of the Plone community (e.g, we're all so busy we don't
need to advertise!) we're a bit concerned. This report will be very
influential in the US nonprofit community (and probably well beyond).
Non-participation by the Plone community may be read by outsiders as a
sign of community weakness. That would be lame. :-) 

So, we encourage all of you Plone consultants who have any interest in
serving nonprofit clients (over 10% of the US economy!), to strongly
consider taking out an ad in Idealware's upcoming report. Despite their
deadline below, it's not too late. Ads are cheap -- they start at $45. 


Think of this as a very cheap way to market Plone, the Plone community
and your firm, and to demonstrate the healthy and vitality of Plone to
the nonprofit sector. 


Jon Stahl, ONE/Northwest 
Nate Aune, Jazkarta 

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From: Katie Guernsey <katie at idealware.org>
Date: Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 2:19 AM
Subject: [progressiveexchange] Last Day to be Included in Idealware's
CMS Service Provider Directory

This is a friendly reminder that TODAY marks the last day for your
vendor, your organization or your company to be listed in the service
provider directory that will accompany the CMS comparison report on
Plone, Wordpress, Joomla!, and Drupal.  By taking out a listing or
advertisement, you will be supporting the highly requested research on
these tools, while receiving the benefit of being included in a report
that will be accessed for a few years to come!  Nowhere will there be
as extensive of a list of service providers coupled alongside the
answers to questions nonprofits are seeking on web development

Basic Listings start at just $45.  Get noticed now and elevate the
Open Source projects that support you.

Start here to make your purchase now:

For questions or interest in advertising and the Wordpress Sponsorship
opportunity, please email me at katie at idealware.org.


Katie Guernsey

Jon Stahl, Director of Web Solutions
jon at onenw.org

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