[Evangelism] Plone is three kinds of flexibile.

ejah ej.huijbers at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 21:02:45 UTC 2009

In addition, I think we are to much focussed on the functionality and not
enough on the customer benefit when explaining Plone. Beside that, can we
paint a picture of our customer? What are the issues he wants to resolve or
avoid? From there we can position Plone in the right manner for this
particular customer.
Personally I have always found it very hard to sell to customers on
functionality or competitive advantages. It was less difficult when
focussing on the benefits that we could give them.

I get the strong impression we are struggling with our positioning and our
value proposition.

Further on, is branding and theming a benefit? Any decent CMS out there
supports that out of the box with a multitude of options available as free
starting points. I would like to take it one step further from ajung's
Branding and theming:
This statement is too general and broad. I would like to see how theming
Plone compares to other CMS solutions like Drupal or Joomla....
Yes, and then, what is/are the resulting customer benefit(s) from that for
our customer segments?

Quoting ajung: 
On Functionality and plugins:
Plugins: 3000 is a pointless number - lots of Plone add-ons are of doubtful
quality or just out-dated. Many add-ons for solving the same problem but
still a lot of unfinished or unpolished or half-baked stuff...
I couldn't agree more. I personally miss a kind of popularity/quality
feedback on all the plugins for download that will allow me to focus on
stuff that works, and also for what version it works.

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