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On Dec 21, 2009, at 3:18 PM, Dylan Jay <djay at pretaweb.com> wrote:

> On 22/12/2009, at 2:33 AM, Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 21 Dec 2009, at 00:56, Dylan Jay wrote:
>>> Had a customer presentation on Friday and we gave a new pitch on  
>>> what Plone's key competitive advantages are (in this case for  
>>> intranets). Thought I'd share it in case it's helpful to others.
>>> Following from Matt's recent "flexibility" ads we said Plone's  
>>> uniqueness is flexibility in three different dimensions making the  
>>> its flexibility greater than the sum of its parts. Flexibility  
>>> makes Plone a kind of intranet construction kit where the  
>>> "elevator goes all the way up".
>>> 1. Theme and branding
>>> - because it's a "web" content management system that gets used  
>>> for public sites
>>> 2. Workflow, permissions and hierarchy
>>> - because of it's "smart file system" data model. Ability to  
>>> delegate responsibility in different ways.
>>> 3. Functionality and plugins.
>>> - because of viewlets, portlets, content rules, content types, ZTK  
>>> etc - allow third party functionality that slips nicely into  
>>> Plone's UI. Plone's equivalent of the app store - 3000 plugins.
>>> Open source is I guess another dimension to the flexibility but we  
>>> didn't really go into that as much, e.g. no license restrictions  
>>> to encumber roll out.
>> Dylan,
>> That is a fantastic set of points there. I really like it. Keeps  
>> away from any technical / philosophical issues and just focusses on  
>> benefits in a way that no other system could really touch.
>> Do you happen to have your slides available from your presentation?
> Actually since your flexible intranet presentation was so good we  
> just showed some of your slides giving it as an example of the ways   
> in which plone can be adapted to an organisation without limit.
> In hindsite this approach maybe made plone seem to be needed to be  
> too customized. We should have combined it with demoing some out of  
> the box intranet plugin features like wikis blogs and notifications.  
> (We really need a plone intranet distribution)
> We also demoed a reusable multiple reviewer workflow where review  
> steps and schema can all be edited togeather using dexterity.

I have a demo tomorrow with a large media organization and would love  
to show them Dexterity. Any chance you can provide a buildout for  
getting this all set up?
>> -Matt
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