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"Stroß-Radschinski Armin C." developer at acsr.de
Mon Dec 7 18:17:53 UTC 2009

The map is a cool idea for visualisation,
but we need a more Plone centric interpretation of it! ;-)

They mention Plonbe because they cannot omit it.

Very interesting is the position of Plone in a 2008 vendor risk  
profile visualisation by CMSWatch, where Plone is only CMS beeing in  
the middle of the "Balanced" feature area having a good mix of  
development velocity (too quick is turbulenced and not that cool) and  
other aspects.
The evaluation is of course not up to date and cannot cover the  
potenttials of the upcoming Plone 4 and 5 releases but can lead to  
some new definition of Plone's USP.
Am 07.12.2009 um 05:46 schrieb Dylan Jay:

> If wikipedia is to be believed then my guess is archiving, desktop  
> integration and scanning is perhaps what's missing?
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_content_management
> "New product suites have arisen from the combination of capture,  
> search and networking capabilities with technologies of the content  
> management field, which have traditionally addressed digital  
> archiving, document management and workflow. Generally speaking,  
> this is when content management becomes enterprise content  
> management. The different nomenclature is intended to encompass all  
> of the problem areas related to the use and preservation of  
> information within an organization, in all of its forms — not just  
> its web-oriented face to the outside world."
> I know systems like TRIM handle imaging and archiving etc which  
> plone doesn't normally integrate with. Sharepoint integrates with  
> exchange and desktop sharing in ways Plone doesn't do as  
> comprehensively. Anyone familiar with Alfresco know what it can do  
> that Plone doesn't that qualifies as ECM?

Sorry, I am not familiar with Alfresco.
But we use internally scanning document PDF directly into Plone via  
FTP. With the pdftoocr Plone product you can make scanned documents  
searchable. Maybe this adresses some of the points.http://plone.org/products/pdftoocr

Everybody using Plone and being in competition with Sharepoint etc.  
should know and do some evaluation http://www.cyn.in a Plone 3 based  
collaboration suite. There a some very cool workarounds for poor  
solutions in the Plone UI (i.e. tagging with keywords, recycle bin  
(space risky but necessary for revision proof deleting.), Mindmap  
based sitemap, high throughput commenting with microblogging desktop  
client based on adobe air.

Cyn.in is catching a lot of ECM use-cases Plone can only match with  
integration work and "hell" they promote it in a very professional  
way. There is still a lot of stuff you need / can do integrating Plone/ 
cyn.in with other products to make it real cool. So take this part of  
the family on the Photo!

When we want Plone to be listed as a well known competitor, there  
should be official bundled "Plone with ECM taste" releases like the  
Plone4Education or Plone4Artists distributions for adressing the  
target groups.

The drawback is that the plone foundation efforts to promote Plone as  
a whole is exploded into micro activities when this is done in  
parallel tasks. Even when a team is able to force this in one year,  
there is the risk for investors that there is growing a dead branch  
sticking with a particular version the next time. The same is with the  
in general cool idea using Plone for NAS USP activity.

At last we need to focus what we can manage!

Kind regards

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