[Evangelism] Power to the people: Plone on NASes!

Roger Erens roger at erens-krekels.net
Wed Dec 2 09:49:08 UTC 2009

Network Attached Servers (NASes) are becoming cheaper and/or more
powerful, bringing them within reach of the Small or Home Offices. I
think most of them run some kind of Linux.

There might be an opportunity to persuade the manufacturers to include
Python and Plone on their machines, or at least have one-click
installers downloadable from their websites. For example, on my
Synology it is very easy to install the PHP-based software. That's why
they promote the CMSes Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, or XOOPS.
Maybe a Google Summer of Code project: get Plone running on various
NASes and pitch that at the manufacturers?



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