Re: [Evangelism] Strategy focus decisions - Plone-the-product vs. Plone-the-platform – Discovering a blog entry by Paul Everitt from 2008

Karl Horak KEHORAK at
Wed Dec 2 04:07:09 UTC 2009

One of our big Plone solutions reliably runs half a TB.  More details in a
case study early next year.  

ctxlken wrote:
> 5) Terabyte storage solutions.  Documentum and their DMS-based ilk have 
> handled this for years.  How many large-scale storage Plone case studies 
> are there on  Many a time, Plone integrators can't discuss 
> the few successes that may exist here.  Hopefully, this story improves 
> with BLOB storage in Plone 4.
> I'm really interested to hear what their answer is though.  Thanks Matt!
> Ken

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