[Evangelism] Re: Total revenue metrics for Plone

Wouter Vanden Hove wouter at wvhconsulting.org
Thu Aug 27 10:44:24 UTC 2009

Dylan Jay wrote:

> For instance could an independent auditor collect all "plone revenue"
> figures from all registered integrators for the purposes of created an
> amalgamated figure?

Simplistically said revenue equals the following equation:
revenue = cost per license x number of licenses sold  +  \
    cost per development/customisation hour x number of hours paid by client

For an open source software: cost per license = 0

How then can we make up for this "lost revenue"
and achieve the same results for clients?

 - by being more expensive developers and/or
 - by needing more hours for development/customisation (to reach the same) 

But do we actually need to make up this "lost revenue"?

IMHO, we should abandon this kind of reasoning.
The logic Gartner uses is flawed and turns one of the greats aspect of open
source software into a negative one. And proprietaty companies love that.

If we agree the "revenue" for the software-company is "cost" for the clients
then "lost revenue" by using open source, means "less cost". Clients usually
love that. Open Source marketing initiatives should focus on that.

> How would work done with an organisation such as a university be valued?
I think number of involved FTE's


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