[Evangelism] Re: Article: Is Plone a Good CMS

Wouter Vanden Hove wouter at wvhconsulting.org
Mon Aug 10 09:12:47 UTC 2009

Dylan Jay wrote:

> Last conference there was a marketing sprint. Are you going to be there?
> I'd like to be involved in a marketing sprint where work on completing
> some of the tasks you outline such as creating comparisons sheets and
> gathering testimonials and putting them on plone.org. It would be nice
> to a concrete set of tasks to achieve before we hit the sprint (how?
> anyone? 

Task for a plone-marketing theme:

It is very instructive to compare the plone.org website with 
for example openerp.com and its community website www.openobject.com

openerp.com is a marketing website that actually tries to convince
people (developers & decision makers) to try out openerp.

Compared to that I don't know what plone.org is.  Really I don't.
It not really geared toward developers,  not for new users, not for
evaluating decision makers.

As a plone developer and consultant I never use plone.org directly
except some deep burried bookmarked pages. I daily visit planet plone, trac
and the lists, but I don't use the plone.org website by itself, except the

I don't even use plone.org to refer possible clients to. 
Because it contains mostly useless information for them (talking mainly
about the homepage), it doesn't even look nice. (Nobody I asked liked the
new layout of plone.org, *all* feedback was negative)

Instead I refer them to plone.net/case-studies
plone.net has an even worse layout, but it answers some important questions
new possible plone-users always have first like  "who is using it".

www.plone.org is not winning any new market-share for Plone. 
It rather contributes to loosing market-share.

If you want to introduce Plone into a corporate environment, plone.org is
not the way to go. 

I really don't want to troll, but I'm saying this mainly because
www.plone.org reminds me of the boiled frog.

Did you know you can actually boil a frog by dropping it into cold water and
then by gradually heating the water until it's boiling? The frog doesn't
notice it because it's so gradual. but it wil react to sudden temperature
changes, if you would drop a frog into very warm water, it'll jump out

There are so many things wrong on the plone-marketing level, 
that I feel that we as the plone-community behave too much like a

small example besides the homepage:
http://plone.org/about is the most important link on the homepage
that you want new people to follow.
 If one of the content-editors of a plone-site that I maintain
would create such a dull page: http://plone.org/about
I would probably shoot him. 

Andreas Jung created this page

Now this page by itself is 1000.000X more powerful to a corporate
decision-maker than the whole of plone.org
That page blows people off their socks,  
plone.org just scares people away.


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