[Evangelism] Re: [summary] "Gnome WGO site with Plone" project

Carsten Senger senger at rehfisch.de
Thu Apr 30 13:11:47 UTC 2009

Hi Jens,
Hi Ross,
Hi all,

I'm missing the initial mail, so I answer to this one.

The most vital info source is http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/CmsSetup 
and the documentation of the buildout and the wgo.* packages.

Ross Patterson schrieb:
> "Jens W. Klein" <jens at bluedynamics.com> writes:
>> The project to implement www.gnome.org needs reanimation.
>> I try to summarize:
>> Plone people who want to help (please define your role): 
>> * Jens Klein (coordination and technical work, participate at sprint)
>> * Ross Patterson (take some technical tasks, ...)
>> * Tim Knapp (take some technical tasks, ...)
>> * Roberto Allende (take some technical tasks, ...)

Jonathan Wilde (Speedbreeze) wrote the wgo.theme and worked on it during 
this month and said he would work further on the theme in the 
"wwww.gnome.org redesign status" thread:

>> (more may follow if there are concrete todos)
>> David Sapiro with Pilot Systems offered hosting for the site!
>> At Gnome we have:
>> invloved gnome people (please define your role)
>> * Murray Cumming
>> * Paul Cutler
>> * Vincent Untz
>> * David Bain (organizing sprint if funds raised)
>> who else?
>> technical we have
>> * Plone 2.5 site + buildout + integration (almost finished)
>> * all content for the new site already in an data.fs
>> * as i understood some visuals/ graphics are missing

The buildout is an 3.1.7 buildout

There is an installation script that creates a new plone site and 
imports the old content via gsxml. Read the readme of the buildout.

The theme needs some polishing. I did not look at the speedbreeze branch 
what bugs he resolved in his recent work.

>> In my opinion tasks are:
>> 1 form a new group of gnome+plone people driving this project to 
>>   success.
>> 2 synchronize requirements with all participants
>> 3 update to Plone 3.2/3.3 (recent stable)

> I'm happy to start updating a buildout to Plone 3 and doing the research
> for any dependency/add-on compatibility whenever the time is right.
> Just let me know.  :)
> Ross
>> 4 setup a public testing environment

I installed a public site so people can have a look. It's available at 
http://gnome.rehfisch.de. Until the dns record has propagates, it's 
reachable through http://rehfisch.de:8090/gnome20090430_105004

It's build with the speedbreeze branch. username and password are 'admin'.

>> 5 make it work / fix bugs if any

As said before:
- Theme fixes and additions
- LinguaPlone configuration (especially showing english texts in the
   navigation if another language is choosen and an object is not
   availabel in that language.)
- Update to 3.3
- Cache-Fu configuration

The only other item on the list for a public release is an editing link 
for anonymous users that puts the article into a staging areas so it can 
be accepted by editors:


But this is considered optional and a non blocker at this point and it 
should not be reconsidered before there's a site that is ready to go live.

The list of current bugs can be found here:
(If the link is screwed up, go to 
http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/CmsSetup and search for
"View all active bugs for gnomeweb-plone")

>> 6 polish content and visuals
>> 7 setup live hosting
>> 8 go-live
>> 9 have a party ;-)
>> Methods/Tools to reach the goal;
>> * online coordination (mailinglists, probably IRC)
>> * wiki 
>> * bug tracker 
>> * sprint

The gnome infrastructure has to be used for that, especially the wiki 
and the bugtracker. The complete current source is located in the 
collective so plone folks can start hacking away.

>> Sprint:
>> David Bain offered to organize a sprint at Jamaica. From my experience 
>> its a real good idea to have a sprint to push forward. This needs 
>> fundraising to pay travel- and other expenses. Who can organize 
>> fundraising?

Until then we can do a virtual sprint.


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