[Evangelism] Request for comments: Draft proposal for Plone Awards

Matt Fisher matt at mattfisherstudio.com
Wed Apr 22 17:40:18 UTC 2009

Yesterday, Karl Horak and I went over the awards proposal I've been  
working on for what I've recently been calling the Plone Community  
Awards.  We both agree it's developed enough to bring to the marketing  
committee, and are trying to polish off a couple 'TBD' items in time  
for next week's committee meeting.

Between now and then, it'd be much appreciated if you'd check out the  
most recent version of the proposal, posted at the Plone Marketing  
Open Plans site: http://www.openplans.org/projects/plone-marketing/draft-proposal

As outlined, the process is a little different from many industry or  
community choice-style awards, and hopefully improves a bit on some of  
the obvious flaws that many of these kinds of things tend to have.

The proposal is in two parts: the first half is a quick rundown of the  
idea, and the second half tries to spell out some of the thinking and  
justification behind it.

As a quick overview:
-There's an open call to the Plone community for awards in five  
-The categories attempt to reflect the widest possible range of  
organized activity in the ecosystem, including non-code projects
-The open call announces the criteria that each category will be  
judged on & encourages people to shore up weak spots before entry
-People self-nominate
-The self-nomination includes 'giving yourself a grade' in how  
technically and conceptually well you've done
-The self-nominations are used as a basis for narrowing the field in  
each category
-There's general voting on the finalists that takes place during/near  
the annual Plone Conference

There are a couple loose threads and queries to address, but we both  
feel none of them are showstoppers.  We'd like to get the proposal  
polished enough to take to the Board for their blessing, and any  
comments or critique you may have would be helpful to that end.

We'll try to have comments addressed, or at least mulled over, by next  
week's meeting.


Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher
matt at mattfisherstudio.com
AIM: matt at mattfisherstudio.com
twitter: matt_fisher

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