[Evangelism] Visual roadmaps for prospective users, integrators and developers (was: How would you position Plone?)

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Tue Apr 21 10:58:26 UTC 2009

Karl Horak wrote:
> … Plone is at the confluence of open source, enterprise CMS, social &
> community CMS, and web publishing CMS.  Plone is the only one occupying
> those three subway lines (four counting OSS).  
> … We can't be experts at … We need to have a generalized toolset that's
> very, very customizable so that we can use that toolset very effectively
> to solve a huge host of problems.  Plone-Zope-Python with a heavy dose of
> CSS is that toolset. …

+1, I couldn't have put it better myself.

The prospect of very effectively solving a *huge* range of problems,
*without too many* areas of expertise, was the #1 reason for me preferring
Plone to all other platforms for web development.

Yes ... personally, I do think of Plone as a platform. A foundation upon
which people will be able to build *most things required by our
organisation* -- and IMO those requirements are a continuing tall order.
However: for positioning to developers, I probably wouldn't say 'platform':
I'd use words very close to Karl's.

On the subject of intersecting lines and subway maps: at
<http://www.akasig.org/2003/12/11/zope-and-plone-learning-roadmap/> there's
a learning-oriented graphic. It's old (2003) but still, I found it very
appealing ( http://www.diigo.com/05kox highlights ).

If at WPD you find yourself with half an hour free, and crayons/coloured
pencils to hand, how would you update that diagram for Plone 3? But wait!
Even better ...

Alexander Limi wrote:
> … Plone 4 *is* a revolution. It's not evolving what's currently there.
> It's getting rid of as much of the insanity as possible, and optimize for
> the things people want to do during day 1, week 1 and month 1 of their
> Plone experience. …


The Plone Deco proposal, demos and discussions are extremely pleasing. 

Looking to Plone 4: I'm inspired, finally, to take some time out from bug
reporting/testing and actually learn something about code. (Probably

Dylan Jay-5 wrote:
> My question is, where would you put Plone on that graph?
> And should we accept we need to position plone more clearly?

... if at WPD you find yourself with half an hour free, and crayons/coloured
pencils to hand: 

* How would you update that (2003) learning roadmap for Plone 4? 

* Would you have three separate maps, for day 1, week 1 and month one? Or
would you draw a single map, with destinations in time?

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